Pitch Sports Bar, Taupo

The Pitch Sports Bar is Located in Taupo and operates 9 machines, The Pitch Sports Bar joined Maxserv Client Grassroots Trust in 2015.

The owners of The Pitch Sports Bar had been concerned about their declining Gaming revenue and their overall gaming offering so contacted Maxserv to provide a full review. Maxserv recommended a partnership with Grasssroots Trust to take the venue forward and provide an industry leading offering at the venue.  Within 1 month of operation with Grassroots Trust, the Gaming revenue at this venue had doubled and the venue is now a top performer within the local gaming market.


  • Injection of the latest gaming product with a more efficient gaming machine layout to maximise performance
  • New Jackpot offering with a focus on multi-prize levels
  • New furniture in the gaming area to provide a new look and feel and extra player comfort
  • Staff training with an improved focus on customer service
  • Modern technology and improved systems to improve day to day operation of the gaming room
  • Installation of new signage

Venue Operator Brent Pocock, couldn’t be happier with Maxserv and Grassroots Trust’s approach to the rejuvenation of the Gaming offering at this venue. Reaction from patrons has been positive and the weekly results speak for themselves, he says.

Maxserv and Grassroots Trust provide ongoing support to the venue to ensure optimal performance and have worked hard to develop a close working relationship.

The Flying Mullet Ale House, Papamoa

The Flying Mullet Ale House, formerly the Papamoa Beach Tavern, joined Maxserv Client Grassroots Trust in December 2015. Located in the centre of the Papamoa Township in the Bay of Plenty, the Venue Operator is driven to maximise the performance of his gaming operation to benefit the local community.

Grassroots Trust shares the same commitment to return local funds to local communities, which meant the partnership with The Flying Mullet Ale House was a good match from the start.

With Maxserv’s expertise in maximising venue performance, Grassroots Trust injected new gaming product and technology at this venue whilst retaining some older well performing machines to ensure a good selection of games on the floor.

The Flying Mullet Ale House was already a top performing venue in its region, but with an introduction of new products into a venue which hadn’t seen any machine changes for a number of years we have seen a significant lift in the average weekly revenues.

We believe that a focus on the small things at every venue will add up to be a better experience for the players and ultimately will grow revenues, even on venues which are already performing well.

Riki Walls is the owner of the The Flying Mullet Ale House, says that his partnership with Maxserv and Grassroots Trust has been nothing but positive, for his customer and for the community in Papamoa. Grassroots Trust has a commitment to returning 100% of its funds locally, and that’s really important to me and my community.

Yardhouse, Hamilton

Yardhouse has operated with Grassroots Trust for a number of years.  The Yardhouse is one of Grassroots Trust’s highest performing venues and is one of the leading venues in the Waikato Region.

The gaming operation at Yardhouse is industry leading, from the quality of the décor in the gaming room, the machine mix to the custom designed gaming machine bases.  Grassroots Trust also strives to ensure only the best performing games are available and Maxserv continually works with Grassroots Trust to ensure they are maximising performance from the gaming floor.

Testament to this is The Yardhouse’s impressive line-up of Gaming Excellence awards. The Yardhouse has been the recipient of the Hospitality New Zealand Excellence in Gaming Award for 4 years in a row 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015. The award honours the achievement of overall excellence in gaming in New Zealand, this includes overall venue performance, gaming room design and layout and commitment to Harm Minimisation.

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