We deliver total management solution through four key areas:

Delivering Gaming Solutions to Clubs in New Zealand


Clubserv is a unique management service, delivering to Clubs a comprehensive range of Gaming solutions.
We can ensure that you are:

Compliant with all Department of Internal Affairs requirements and minimizing the risk of losing your license.

Competent and confident in your Harm Minimisation training and policy documentation, with staff comfortable in their host responsibility roles.

Accurate and efficient in the management of your cash, daily balancing and banking.

Maximising your income from your Gaming operations through analysis of machine performance, game acquisition, finance, room layout and operations.

As a stand-alone Club we know you face unique challenges and we believe, with our expertise, we can help your Club’s gaming operation thrive. The Class 4 Gaming environment in New Zealand is complex and requires specialised knowledge and experience to ensure long term success.


1. Harm Minimisation Training & Compliance
a) Training – Unlimited, industry leading Harm Minimisation and Prevention training, delivered by experienced trainers, at your venue. All participants are tested and certified. This is an ongoing benefit, including venue assessments, training of new staff and annual renewals.
b) Compliance – Quarterly On-Site Compliance Checks. This is an 85-point compliance check, including a full written report identifying any issues found and recommended fixes.

2. Cash Management
Cash Management Software* – Industry leading web based balancing software to help manage you gaming operation.
b) QEC Gaming POS Terminal* – QEC keeps track of gaming events real time, automatically adjusting the float balance based on EGM confirmed hopper refills performed and cancel credits. QEC also automatically prints dockets for the players to sign, so there is no need to manually complete the Cancel credit and refills forms.
c) Machine Performance Reporting – Comprehensive monthly gaming machine performance reporting, which is easy to understand.
d) Help Desk – Access to a free phone help desk 7 days per week*

3. Gaming Operations Performance
Consultancy – benefit from the experience of our industry leading experts and maximise your turnover and GMP.  Areas of analysis will include: individual game performance, game selection advice, and turnover analysis, room layout, opening hours, entry, customer service, seating, air conditioning and compliant areas
of expenditure.
b) Benchmarking – set budgets and targets based on realistic goals, benchmarked against similar Clubs
and Venues.

4. Procurement & Finance
Procurement – Benefit from the purchasing power of Maxserv’s industry contacts and volume based buying privileges.  You could upgrade your machines with brand new models or experiment with superior tried and tested second hand ones, at a fraction of the cost.
b) Finance – work with us to ensure you are accessing competitive finance options.

*Cash Management Software and the QEC system require the purchase of specific hardware – Approximate one off cost of $8,000 + GST.   This can be included as part your monthly fee with clubserv.

**Help Desk based on 6 hours of support per year.


1. Harm Minimisation Training & Compliance
$2,520 + GST per annum
Payable $210 + GST per month

2. Cash Management
a) Cash Management Software – Web based
$1,950 + GST per annum
Payable $162.50 + GST per month
b) Cash Management Software + QEC
$5,400 + GST per annum
Payable $450 + GST per month*
(leased via clubserv on a 36 month term)

3. Gaming Operations Performance
$1,650 + GST per annum
Payable $137.50 + GST per month

4. Procurement & Finance
$1,020 + GST per annum
Payable $85 + GST per month

Only $5,990 + GST per annum
Payable $499 + GST per month
The Clubserv bundled package includes packages 1, 2a, 3 & 4

Installation and cabling costs are not included in the QEC bundled lease pricing. Installation costs may vary depending on the venue and nature of cabling required.
QEC can be purchased outright for a one off cost of $8000 + GST, cabling and installation.

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