We deliver total management solution through four key areas:

Many organisations within New Zealand have benefited from funding generated from gaming machines and in 2015; $262 million in grants were made to community groups.

We provide comprehensive support and information to allow our clients to not only fulfil their funding requirements, but exceed them.  We also build relationships and provide support with the many community organisations seeking funding from our Partner Clients.

Our Services Include:

  • Complete management of the grant application process, online.
  • Providing support to local community groups to ensure they understand their requirements and the process; handle any enquiries face to face, by the phone or email
  • Assess individual Grant Applications for Compliance
  • Prepare reports for the review of Net Proceeds Committees
  • Process and publish approved, declined and deferred applications
  • Liaise with grant recipients on branding and media opportunities
  • Compliance fulfilment including verification of authorised expenditure
  • Co-ordination of Community Grant Funding Forums

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